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Why choose Handmade Soap ?

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The most important reason to use daily a handmade soap lays in the ingredients used in its making. Basically, handmade soaps are made of vegetable oils and butters rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients necessary for a healthy sink.


The mass produced soaps that can be bought from a grocery store are more likely to be detergents than soaps. They are a chemical mix of detergents and synthetic additives that are prone to dry the skin and sometimes cause allergic reactions. Handmade soaps are free of all the nasties found in commercial soaps. There is actually no need for those detestable ingredients to make beautiful and good for the skin soaps.


The glycerin found in the handmade soap is absolutely not added in any handmade soap recipes. It is actually produced during the soap making process called saponification.

It is a prized emollient that soothes and helps maintain a good water balance by attracting moisture to the skin. Its benefits for the skin are so well proven, that it is generally extracted from commercial soaps and reserved for more premium and pricey body care products.

Handmade soap holds on all of the natural glycerin goodness and provides a luscious lather unique to handmade soaps.


When a handmade soap is bought from a local soap artisan you are certain that they have the utmost respect for our planets and all its creatures. We are favorable to a more kinder way of living and producing what is necessary to modern mankind. We minimize our impact on natural habitat by not having a nasty chemical in our ingredients and are radically against animal cruelty, or at least I am.


Now that you are more acquainted with the benefits of handmade soap do not forget to check out all our soaps. We make them the traditional way of cold process soap. Every single batch is handcrafted from scratch using recipes formulated to moisturize your skin in a lush of Happy Bubbles.


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